Monday, May 18, 2009, 10:18 AM

Monday's quick reads: Chevron, 60 Minutes, and Twitter

1.) When Chevron hires ex-reporter to investigate pollution, Chevron looks good (New York Times) -- What did Chevron do when it learned that “60 Minutes” was preparing a potentially damaging report about oil company contamination of the Amazon in Ecuador? It hired a former journalist to produce a mirror image of the report, from the corporation’s point of view.

2.) What's the right corporate policy for Twitter, Facebook, and blogs? (Business Week) -- Check out how Business Week journalists approach engaging their readers online.

3.) Gifts for reporters? Don't bother. (Ragan) -- If you think chocolate and flowers are the way to a reporter's heart, think again.

4.) CEOs who use Twitter (Business Week) -- In August 2008 Business Week reported on 18 chief executives who use the microblogging application Twitter to clue customers in on new services, help them with questions about their products, and generally get a little bit personal with customers, business associates, and the public.Not even a year later, Business Week bring you nearly 50 CEOs who find tweeting a personal and professional delight.

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