Monday, May 11, 2009, 9:07 AM

Monday's quick reads

1.) A battle with a New Jersey newspaper backfires (New York Times) -- When fighting with a media mogul, institutions would be well-advised to avoid using that mogul’s newspaper as a battleground, a hospital in New Jersey learned last week.

2.) American Express' risk-cutting poses its own risks (L.A. Times) -- AmEx, which pocketed $3.4 billion in bailout cash from taxpayers, seems to have been especially successful at making customers feel unwelcome.

3.) Auto dealers launch PR campaign (Detroit Free Press) -- The National Automobile Dealers Association, fearing the elimination of more than 3,000 Chrysler and General Motors dealerships employing at least 150,000 people, launched a public relations offensive Thursday, arguing that such draconian cuts are excessive.

4.) The death of print media? (The Washington Post) -- Is this it? Is the product you are accustomed to holding in your hands a relic, soon to go the way of silent movies and manual typewriters?


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