Monday, April 27, 2009, 1:01 PM

Monday's quick reads

1.) Corporate Blogs and 'Tweets' Must Keep SEC in Mind (Wall Street Journal) -- An eBay Inc. effort to broaden communication through the popular Twitter Web-messaging service highlights the hurdles facing corporate users of online social media.

2.) Local businesses venture onto the online social networking scene (South Florida Business Journal) -- When the telegraph came along, some naysayers probably dismissed the new invention, noting the Pony Express was quick enough for communicating. They were wrong. And this lesson is not lost on those who are today increasingly turning to online social networking Web.

3.) Public Perception, Reality Bedevil General Motors (Washington Post) -- The perception gap has been a killer for General Motors. It's the gap between what the public thinks is real and what actually is real. It is a chasm that varies in width and depth, depending on the issue. But it's one into which GM has fallen repeatedly, damaging itself unnecessarily.

4.) Why Haagin Dazs likes grassroots marketing (Brandweek) -- Unlike past campaigns, Häagen-Dazs is promoting a new product via grass roots, particularly a SheSpeaks word-of-mouth sampling party.


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