Monday, October 12, 2009, 9:47 AM

Monday's quick reads: FTC's blogger rules, executive compensation, and swine flu

1.) FTC to fine bloggers $11,000 for not disclosing payments (Mashable) -- Bloggers now have up to 11,000 reasons to disclose when they are being paid to review products.

2.) Keeping pay police at bay (The Wall Street Journal) -- Having Uncle Sam set executive compensation is unnecessary and unworkable. David Yermack on how companies could strengthen their own checks and balances.

3.) Swine flu shot faces big PR fight (Charlotte Observer) -- Bert Curcio is more afraid of the flu shot than the swine flu itself. He won't be showing up when health departments, doctors' offices and other clinics begin offering the first vaccinations against the new H1N1 influenza in coming days.

4.) Where the news comes from - and why it matters (Pew Research Center) -- There are a lot of misconceptions about where we get our news. Only about 54% of Americans say they regularly read print newspapers. But that number, drawn from surveys, does not tell us much about where news comes from.

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