Monday, October 5, 2009, 4:33 PM

Monday's quick reads: FDA, Hyatt, and media measurement

After a two-week wedding & honeymoon hiatus, Wag the Dog is back with Monday's quick reads:

1.) FDA releases plan for risk communication (PR Week) -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a strategic plan for risk communication, one step in a process to better communicate with healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers about potentially dangerous foods and drugs.

2.) Marketing on Facebook requires a delicate balance (Wall Street Journal) -- Despite growing concerns about online privacy on social networks such as Facebook, marketers at the Social Data Summit in New York professed enthusiasm for social media marketing.

3.) Firing housekeepers creates PR mess for the Hyatt (Boston Globe) -- The firing of 98 housekeepers from Boston-area Hyatt hotels has created a big public relations mess for the hotel chain, one that experts say could take a long time to clean up. Criticism of the company has swept across chat boards and blogs like The Consumerist, Executive Nomad, and the Harvard Business Review since the story broke on Sept. 17.

4.) How financial services companies use media measurement (Institute for Public Relations) -- Learn how a financial services company used media measurement and content analysis to gauge the impact of financial turmoil on its brand and reputation.

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