Monday, August 17, 2009, 2:44 PM

Monday's quick reads: Michael Vick, reputation management, and errant press releases

1.) Errant press release sparks nightmare for bank (The Wall Street Journal) -- It wasn't the same as shouting "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater, but an apparent text-editing foul-up by banking regulators was about the last thing a small Pittsburgh thrift needed prior to its seizure Friday.

2.) PR advice for Vick: Don't pass on charity (The Philadelphia Inquirer) -- The PR machine is in full tilt for Michael Vick. But the Eagles' newest player needs to do a lot more than appear on television, be photographed with poodles, or express remorse for the dogfighting scandal that sent him to jail, local marketing and public relations professionals say.

3.) Turning bad news into good vibes (PR Newswire) -- During times of economic crisis, organizations struggle to communicate unfavorable news, from lower earnings and shrinking market share, to cuts in service and increases in prices.

4.) Hard-hit schools try public relations push (The Wall Street Journal) -- Public schools in the U.S. have added professional marketing to their back-to-school shopping lists. Financially struggling urban districts are trying to win back students fleeing to charter schools, private schools and suburban districts that offer open enrollment. Administrators say they are working hard to improve academics -- but it can't hurt to burnish their image as well.

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