Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 1:16 PM

Tuesday's quick reads: Boeing, Best Buy, and Martin Luther King

1.) Boeing launches PR campaign to protect C-17 cargo plane (Los Angeles Times) -- Boeing Co. and supporters of the C-17 cargo plane launched a multi-front public relations offensive last week, hoping to extend the life of one of Southern California's last major military aircraft factories.

2.) Best Buy's Twelpforce: An army of volunteers (Social Media Business Council) -- Best Buy has joined a growing number of companies using social media for customer service with their Twelpforce — but with a different twist: Employees from all across the company can volunteer to help folks on Twitter with questions, and it’s all aggregated under the single account, @Twelpforce.

3.) Why leaders need stories: A lesson from Don Hewitt (Harvard Business Review) -- Don Hewitt, who died this month and was executive producer of CBS' "60 Minutes", was fond of saying that every child realizes the importance of "tell me a story" — but when we reach adulthood, we forget. Yet Hewitt's absolute commitment to story is something leaders, particularly those with big initiatives to push, should remember.

4.) How to respond to criticism: Learning from Dr. King (Tim Ferriss Blog) -- The of "The Four Hour Work Week" argues that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham City Jail is one of the best case studies in how to deal with criticism he's ever come across.

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