Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 11:48 AM

Tuesday's quick reads: Tiger Woods, reputation management, and 2010's breakthrough ideas

1.) Chief Reputation Officer: Whose job is it anyway? (Forbes) -- In the 20th century, PR and marketing were separate but unequal career paths, and CMO was the highest-ranking and most-respected title to which one in those jobs could aspire. The standard career paths in these areas were relatively linear: As a lead communicator, you went to j-school, did a turn in journalism or an agency and then apprenticed under a "gray hair" boss until he retired. This is compared with the typical path of a chief marketing officer, who got his or her M.B.A. in marketing, hired agencies that made him or her look good, learned how to manage big budgets and award-winning creative and then got in the running for the corner office.

2.) Onetime foes, companies and activists find ways to cooperate (Christian Science Monitor) -- For many companies and activists, the old days of confrontation over picket lines and boycotts have given way to a new era of cooperation, particularly on environmental issues (labor initiatives remain less frequent). Some of these alliances are stronger than others. Still, activists and corporations are beginning to realize the benefits of turning foes into friends.

3.) Sponsors continue stepping away from Woods (PRSA) -- AT&T terminated its contract with Tiger Woods on December 31, making it three sponsors who have dropped the embattled golf pro, the Associated Press reported. After news of extramarital transgressions become public following a car accident near his home, Accenture ended its relationship with Woods and Gillette is phasing out Woods from its advertisements.

4.) Breakthrough ideas for 2010 (Harvard Business Review) -- When the business community supports an idea, change can happen fast. HBR’s annual ideas collection, compiled in cooperation with the World Economic Forum, offers 10 fresh solutions we believe would make the world better. Ranging from productivity boosting to nation building, from health care to hacking, any of the ideas presented in the following pages could go far with broad-based buy-in. Which ones will you get behind?

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